Three Pretty Maids

Number 135 - the clematis opens and produces hundreds off large but fragile flowers - these three remind me of the Mikado - from school are we (well a nursery anyway) Life goes on

Sundowner Time

Some of the best sunsets I have seen have been on the Med - this was a cracker.

I am a painter with light

Sunset over the Med

It's behind you!

OK, I am a sucker for the English Pantomime, but I do like a stunning sunrise

Good Morning - always

Click on the sun to see the pacific ocean

Sunset on the port side

An early sunset heading back to LA - shot taken from our balcony on the 15th deck of the Golden Princess

Ancient & Modern

Venice, leqving the Grand canal, as the sun goes down over St Mark's square

Pano Sunset over Mykonos

So after a great day in Mykonos we set sail for Turkey but the sun has one last dance to keep us enthralled

Sunset over Venice

Stunning sunset as we leave Venice

End of the Day

The cloud bank on the horizon never promised the classic "sea eating sun" finale but this was just about right before dinner

Waikiki Sunset

Pano Sunrise over Sydney

The title pretty much says it all

Behind the Cloud

Waiting for the sun to go down

Pano - It's a new day

For me and you.dum dum - dum dum -dum dum!


Sky or Volcano

Pano Sunrise over Diamondhead

Sun coming up as we head into Honolulu

Every cloud has a

proverb somewhere!

Dawn watcher

The sun comes up and the wait is justified

Another sunset

in paradise. Once of the 1st pictures I took with the camera

Coming Up

Sunrise at sea - glorious sight, means that life will go on! New Day

Very Early Morning

Black on Orange


Pano Sunrise at Sea

Very early in the morning, when you cannot sleep, it is worth going for a walk on deck.

Sunrise over Sydney

Arriving in Sydney harbour after a cruise I turned to see where the glorious light was coming from and captured this shot

Time for a Sun downer...again

Sunset in Stockholm

The sun was setting in the capital of Sweden - I was there to capture the reflection of the orb on the water, but a boat disturbed the surface and caused this nice ripple effect

Sunset in Joshua Tree

Sun going down in the Joshua Tree National Park, in the deserts just outside of Indio


I could look at these all day

Sun coming up

Sunrise in Pilensberg

Sun Down

Sunset over Sindlesham

I blame the M4 motorway!

Desert Sunrise

Joshua Tree in all her glory

Time for cocktails

Sun has gone - sundowners are here

Caribbean Sun Down

St Lucia

Sunrise on Safari

I stop the driver - "what have you seen", he ask. "Poetry" I reply.

Sunset in Sindlesham

Sunset on St Lucia

Taken from the beach